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The Satin Angora is the only breed to have a sheen or glisten to the wool. It is to have a medium length body with good width and depth. The sides should have a slight taper from the hindquarters to the shoulders. The head is to be oval with a broad forehead and somewhat narrow at the muzzle. The head should balance with the rest of the body. The ears are to be plain or have a slight tuft, however tufting is restricted to the tips of the ears.

The wool of the Satin Angora is finer than the wool of the other Angora breeds. The wool is to be fine, soft and silky. There is to be a good crimp to the underwool. The Satin Angora wool appears to be 'shiny', which is known as sheen. The smaller diameter and clarity of the hair shaft provides a reflection of light that gives the hair a shining richness of color. The sheen is to be evident over the entire body from nose to tail.

The junior buck and junior doe are not to weigh over 6 ½ pounds and have a minimum weight of 3 ¾ pounds. The senior buck and senior doe may weigh from 6 ½ to 9 ½ pounds with 8 pounds being the ideal weight.

The Satin Angora carries the most points of all angora breeds on the wool, which includes density, texture, sheen, and length. The points for 'General Type' include the body type, head, ears, eyes, feet, legs and tail.

Additional information may be found in the ARBA Standard of Perfection.

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