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English Angora Rabbit Association

The English Angora has abundant facial furnishings with dense bangs and side trimmings. The head should be broad and flat across the nostrils. The ears are to be short in close V shape with tassels. The short-coupled and compact body resembles a 'round ball of fluff' when properly posed.

The wool should have a silky texture and be alive, healthy, and fall free. A good distribution of guard hairs should be evident to assist in supporting the crimped underwool. The wool should not part over the back and fall to the sides as if to give a flat 'pancake' appearance.

For showing the junior buck and junior doe have a minimum weight of 2 ¾ pounds and maximum weight of 5 ½ pounds for the junior buck and 6 pounds for the junior doe. The minimum weight for the senior buck and senior doe is 5 pounds, the maximum weight for the senior buck is 7 pounds and the senior doe 7 ½ pounds. The ideal weight for the senior buck is 6 pounds and the senior doe 6 ½ pounds.

In judging the English Angoras 57 points are based on the wool that includes density, texture and length, 33 points for 'General Type' that includes the body type, head, ears, eyes, feet, legs, 5 points for color and 5 points for condition.

Additional information may be found in the ARBA Standard of Perfection.

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