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The French Angora is probably most closely related to the generic "angora" originating in Europe prior to the division of the five breeds known today (only four are recognized by ARBA). It is a commercial typed rabbit and does not have any wool furnishings on its head, face, ears, or front feet.

The ears may be plain or tufted, with the tufting restricted to the tips of the ears. The head should be oval shaped and balanced with the size and shape of the body. A profile view of the French Angora will give the appearance of an oval shape. In viewing down on the animal, it should present an oblong shape.

The wool on the French Angora will have an abundance of guard hair that should protrude above the underwool with a resilience able to withstand mill processing. The guard hairs are what give handspun yarn the classic "halo" sought by spinners and fiber artists. There should be a good balance of guard hair to fresh underwool with the underwool being heavily crimped. The wool should be full of life, strong, and fall free.

The junior buck and doe are not to weigh over 7 ½ pounds with a minimum weight of 3 ¾ pounds. The senior buck and doe may weigh from 7 ½ pounds to 10 ½ pounds.

French Angoras are a high commercial breed in both meat and fiber. Their gentle disposition and easy-care coats make a great choice for new angora breeders and fiber enthusiasts. French Angoras are available in many colors as well as the broken pattern (white with any combination of a recognized color).

In judging the French Angoras the majority of the points are based on the wool, which includes density, texture, and length. The points for 'General Type' include the body type, head, ears, eyes, feet, legs and tail.

Additional information may be found in the ARBA Standard of Perfection.

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